Our expertise is built upon a deep understanding of the IT relationship between your database and applications. We look at the complete picture with the goal to improve. Whether it is on technology product (Database, RAC, Dataguard etc.), Middleware (Golden Gate, SOA suite, Web logic etc.), Application (E- business suite, PeopleSoft etc.) or engineered system (EXA data, ATMS etc..), XDuce Infotech is always there for you to last.

A). Oracle Technology Product.


XDuce Infotech offers key database standards and dedication of the essay writers installation services including oracle database software on Linux, IBM, Solaris, Windows etc. as well as various database management services including database analysis, database design, database creation & maintenance.

XDuce Infotech also offers database implementation services including oracle database security, up gradation & migration of database, implementation of ASM and oracle HA as well as configuration of oracle enterprise manager grid control, oracle database replication and oracle golden gate.

Database Health Checkup

XDuce Infotech offers various health checkup services including oracle database structure integrity checking, table space and redo log files configuration, FRA space usage and most important check the accuracy of optimizer statistics for application tables & indexes.

In Health check services we also includes oracle database performance statistics, verify notifications when system or resource database issue discovered and notify client for information & discussion about current issues.

Database Support

XDuce Infotech provides powerful database support services including memory management, space management, segmentation & user management, privilege database role management also media recovery for oracle database files.

Oracle performance tuning

XDuce Infotech offers various performance tuning services including application tuning, SQL tuning, instance tuning, PGA tuning & SQL performance management.

Oracle Database Migration and up gradation

XDuce Infotech offers oracle database upgradation services including database auditing, configuration of oracle recovery manager & oracle data guard, installation & maintenance of real application cluster & Exadata database machine as well as configuration of automatic storage management and oracle enterprise manager with grid control.

B). Oracle Middle ware Product.


An absolute SOA is offered for the clients. For achieving the same, XDuce incorporates the latest technology elements. Using an elegant design, some of the major constraints are easily avoided during your work. SOA services in Gujarat are very well spread of XDuce.


Being an Oracle Gold Partner XDuce’s Oracle Golden Gate services offer verified data integration techniques. One can very easily and efficiently complete the project having XDuce Infotech’s experienced and certified resources.


XDuce Infotech Middleware Services can be easily employed. The cost of your multiple system maintenance can be reduced too with the use of it. XDuce’s Oracle Fusion Middleware services are BPEL, SOA, and AIA etc.


XDuce Infotech has loaded experience within the software & database technologies in addition to services essential for Oracle EXALOGIC. By using the relationship in between Oracle and XDuce, you’ll have a strong as well as ghostwriter speedy solution delivery to improve your return on EXALOGIC investment. Decrease enactment risk simply by using our verified transition method, experience in addition to management solutions.


XDuce Infotech offers Oracle ERP consulting solutions since Oracle’s earlier releases and is continuously delivering the same value and skill set with Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle’s next age band of 100% open standard-based business applications. As an Oracle Preferred Partner, our experienced resources are highly qualified and certified in the newest Oracle applications and technologies.


XDuce Infotech offers solutions for many sole challenges and situations that your particular business may face. That can include various data centers with different locations. XDuce Infotech offers you the backup and recovery plans also along with high security data storage plans.

Our disaster recovery services in Gujarat hold up a broadband of applications, operating systems, databases, hardware platforms and devices to completely guard your heterogeneous IT environment.


Server management services are provided by XDuce Infotech that includes server health-check, configuration, patch management and relocation services. For your business, practical administration is very important. You can develop your business through Server Management Services efficiently.


XDuce Infotech Warehousing Services in Gujarat are dedicated to assisting successful development of organizations, to implement and to maintain these data warehousing solutions. Our data warehousing services carry noteworthy importance to the business through a fully functional approach to generate, direct, grow and to convey an absolute data warehousing solutions to your company's particular requirements.