Disaster Recovery

XDuce Infotech has numerous disaster recovery plans (one for our own business!). For example, if our sales and technical support office, due to some disaster gets damaged, we can operate and control all our servers and business from another i.e. secondary location. This secondary location would be pre-equipped with desks, computers, fax machines etc. The said location is used in an emergency only and like all redundancy in the XDuce Infotech hosting solution will simply switch to “standby”. We are Disaster Recovery Solutions Provider and so, we will also offer you the disaster recovery plans, being it your web presence centered only, or of your whole business.

We offer solutions for many sole challenges and situations that your particular business may face. That can include various data centers with different locations. XDuce Infotech offers you the backup and recovery plans also along with high security data storage plans. Our disaster recovery services in Gujarat hold up a broadband of applications, operating systems, databases, hardware platforms and devices to completely guard your heterogeneous IT environment.
Proposition of Anunprepared Business Stability/Disaster Recovery Planning:
  • 90% of businesses with data lost due to a disaster are pushed to close within 2 years of that disaster
  • 50% of companies suffering of a computer outage will be pushed to close within 5 years
  • 80% of businesses that haven’t well structured recovery plan are pushed to close within 12 months of a disaster like fire or flood
  • A company experiencing computer outage of more than 10 days can never totally be recovered
  • Revenue loss and business stoppage
  • Possible Litigation
  • Business and competitiveness loss
  • Company prestige loss

Smooth business continuity along with data recovery plans make sure that company's most significant information will remain easily reachable, precise and safe, even when the disastrous or unexpected things happen.