GoldenGate Services

XDuce Infotech’s Oracle GoldenGate service in Gujarat utilizes the proven data incorporation methodologies to get your project in swifter and cost effective production.

  • Oracle Certified, skilled and experienced
  • Providing Optimized Configurations, Monitoring and Management

Real-time Access to Real-time Data, Oracle GoldenGate based solution gives real-time, log-based modify data capture and delivery among heterogeneous systems. By using this technology, it enables lucrative and low-impact real-time data combination and constant availability services. Oracle GoldenGate services in Gujarat shifts committed operations with operation integrity and reduced overhead on your current infrastructure. The architecture supports manifold data duplication topologies such as many-to-many, cascading, one-to-many and bidirectional. Its broad diversity of use cases comprises real-time business aptitude, zero-downtime upgrades and migrations,query offloading, disaster recovery and active-active data-bases for data sharing, data synchronization and tall accessibility.

The XDuce Infotech Benefit

An Oracle certified partner, XDuce Infotech is in GoldenGate architecture design, tuning, execution, and administration. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, XDuce Infotech provides the skilled Architects and Developers to help with everything from defining regions of prospect to control GoldenGate, to decipher composite business and technology troubles. We are your one stop solution for design, installation, and administration of a custom GoldenGate background.

XDuce Infotech leverages the flexibility of Oracle GoldenGate to offer you an inclusive GoldenGate based solution to deal with your business requirements in the fields of Zero-Downtime Upgrades, Data Warehousing, Disaster Recovery, Transactional Integration and Real-Time Reporting. Yet we are in search of new applications. Our platinum partner status permits us the pros such as product tutoring, straight line contact to the Oracle Sales cluster and product managers, as well as Tier 1 support for all our customer accomplishments.