Database Management


Oracle Consulting

XDuce Infotech offers Oracle Database Consulting solutions applying our knowledge and expertise in Relational Database Design, Application Development along with Database Administration. We have expertise in Relational Database Software. We have 10 plus years of experience in successfully applying database technology to the business problems. XDuce Infotech Oracle Database Management Services in Gujarat gives effective solutions for your database management.


We provide proficient Oracle Installation, Upgrade and Migration services among all the versions ranging from Oracle 7 to Oracle 11g. Carefully we develop an upgrade program plan for your particular background and work with you to guarantee you a trouble-free Oracle database upgrade and migration.

Oracle High Availability

We will design a High Availability Oracle solution exploiting Real Application Clusters, (Oracle RAC), Oracle Grid Control and Data Guard, which would ensure reliable access to your data when you require it.


We offer you the special Oracle Database Architecture and Database Design services. Our experts will architect absolute database solutions for your business and application necessities. We will make use of our years of knowledge and experience to build up a healthy as well as robust Oracle data model.It will systematize your data in the most effectual way to support your current and future applications. We will facilitate you determine appropriate placement of Oracle servers inside your network architecture and help maximize your database servers to get the best performance that your business calls for.

Oracle Database Review Services

We evaluate the configuration of your Oracle database to make sure that your database is configured in a right way for your business environment and your application outline. Our review services are:
  1. Oracle Security Audit Services
  2. Oracle Performance Review Services
  3. Oracle Disaster Recovery Services
  4. Oracle Application Design review Services

Oracle Tuning

Effective performance tuning needs highly talented consultants. We give Tuning Services to make sure that your Oracle Database runs as proficiently as it can in your suitable environment and yields the best likely response time for your potential users. We take care of your SGA parameters and optimize them with a view to making sure that you are utilizing the available system resources in a correct way. We optimize the position of your data in order to ensure that you won’t suffer from IO bottlenecks, and we analyze and improve your applications to make sure that they are architected efficiently and that you are appropriately using indexes.

Disaster Recovery services

We architect and put in execution the robust Disaster Recovery strategies to save your data from loss. Utilizing the newest Oracle High Availability alternatives like Oracle RAC, we will plan and design a system that will guard your system against downtime and make business continuity certain in the event of a failure or disaster.