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XDuce Infotech is having Oracle Authorized Training center which is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. XDuce Infotech has the good expertise of teaching purely Object Oriented Concepts. With live training, the top experts educate the students about JAVA applications and their development.

XDuce Infotech, Ahmedabad gives certifications training in OCJP and OCJA.

What is JAVA?

Java is a programming language and computing platform that offers lots of applications. It’s a fast, secure as well as reliable language. Numerous websites and applications these days are such which won’t work unless and until you have installed JAVA.

Why build career in JAVA?

JAVA is a computer programming language. It is designed to have minimal implementation dependencies. It is class-based and object-oriented language. Through JAVA, large applications can be built up. It provides portability, security and high performance. Java is everywhere beginning from computers to datacenters or game consoles to supercomputers. JAVA is widely used for the industry as it provides the better security. It is a vast programming language used in almost all the Multi National Companies worldwide. By choosing this, you can have the best chances to get employed by the renowned companies. You can choose JAVA as your career as it has rich API and powerful development tools. With JAVA, you can develop the strong career.

XDuce Infotech in Ahmedabad, Gujarat offers following JAVA training courses.

Courses we offer
  1. Fundamentals of JAVA SE 6
  2. JAVA Programming Language JAVA SE 6

Fundamentals of JAVA SE 6:

What will you learn?

‘Fundamentals of the Java’ is all about basics. This training course educates you the importance of object-oriented programming. The participants will learn about keywords as well as constructs of Java programming language. This course features the explanation of Java Technology, analyzing a problem as well as designing a solution. Students would be able to learn developing and testing a Java program. The expert trainers will teach the steps essential to develop technology based programs. Overall this course will help you build a positive and profitable skill base. Other than this, variable declaration and initialization, object creation, use of operators along with decision constructors are a few of the topics taught under this course.

Course Key Topics include:

  • Java Technology: Basics of Java Technology, how to analyze a problem, how to design a solution, how to develop and test a Java program
  • Variables & Objects: How to declare, initialize and use the variables, creation and use of objects, use of operators along with decision constructs, how to use loop constructs, etc.
  • Encapsulation: Different using methods, development methods, implementing Encapsulation, Constructors, etc.
  • Arrays: Array creation, how to use array, inheritance implementation

For detailed description, go to the link below:

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JAVA Programming Language JAVA SE 6

What will you learn?

This training course of XDuce Infotech focuses on Standard Edition 6 of Java Platform. The knowledge about Advanced Java is given under this course. It gives the concrete foundation of Java Programming Language. Those who are interested in expanding their list of expertise with Java programming language can get into this course of XDuce Infotech, Gujarat. Utilization of Java SE Development Kit 6 product will be learned by the participants who will undertake this course. Using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE), students under this course perform the lab exercises. Through this advanced JAVA course, you can have the understanding of the Java programming language syntax. This course is of only 5 days. After getting trained under this, you’ll be able to create GUIs, exceptions, File I/O and networking. You will also be able to develop Java technology applications.

Course Key Topics include:

  • Getting Started: How to get started, Object-Oriented Programming, types of Identifiers, Keywords, Expressions, Flow Control, Array features, Class Design, Advanced Class Features, etc.
  • Exceptions & I/O: Use of Exceptions, Assertions, Collections & Generics Framework, Fundamentals of I/O, Console I/ O, File I/O, etc
  • Java GUIs: How to build Java GUIs with the use of Swing API, how to handle GUI-generated events and GUI-based applications, knowledge of threads and networking, etc.

For detailed description, go to the link below:

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On the 2 prospects having very same professional history in addition to knowledge, the one having Certification will likely be provided the initial opportunity. More factors to settle on Certification incorporate:

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  • Credibility concerns the training via Certification
  • Certification has improved their Specialist standing
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